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Had norlevo less than 12 hours after unprotected sex normal period followed on time 2 negative preg-tests after first period and 3 period cycles in total since then- could you still be pregnant?

Hi, You have done 3 times more than necessary to be sure you are not pregnant. Normally only exceptional cases are pregnant hen nor levo is taken within 12 hours after sexual (MORE)
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You took a norlevo pill three months ago after having unprotected sex and today you also had unprotected sex can you get yourself norlevo pills or is it risky?

Hello. You can take the morning after pill or plan B or the emergency contraception pill to prevent pregnancy from occurring. The morning after pill, plan b or ecp will preve (MORE)

What are the chances of pregnancy if Plan B NorLevo was taken 12 hours after unprotexted sex and you have unprotected sex a couple of times again after taking it and you're mid cycle?

the plan b pill which i believe you are talking about will work 12 hours after having sex. if you have sex a couple of times after taking it then it will not, unless you had (MORE)