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Is obesity a sin?

No. However, it is very unhealthy.     That really depends. Gluttony is a sin as well as sloth but just because your obese doesn't mean that you gouge yourself with fo (MORE)

How fat do you have to be to be obese?

If you want to find out accurately if you (or someone else) is obese then search for 'BMI Chart' on the internet. It correlates your height and weight so you can visibly see i (MORE)
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Is obesity a noun?

  Answer   ... yes, it's the state of being (obese) -adjective, so obesity is a noun   Answer   Yes. Obesity is a noun.
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What is your opinion on obesity?

My opinion on obesity is that it is a big problem in almost every way. Statistically, it's a huge problem, all over the world. Physically, it's challenging. Physiologica (MORE)

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What is the meaning of obesity?

Obesity is the state in which your body has too much body fat and is stored under the skin and it pretty much means you are fat and need to loose some wait, hate to be harsh b (MORE)

If your parents are obese will you become obese?

If you watch what you eat, and stay healthy - despite your parents -- you can stay away from obesity.
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Is obesity permanent?

No! Obesity can be reduced by three simple approaches. Combining all three will yield the best results. Firstly, look at what you eat. Take simple steps to modify your diet. C (MORE)

What can obesity cause?

Obesity in its self causes other things like high blood pressure. It strains your muscells and joints and lungs. the high blood pressure weakens the heart and may cause he (MORE)

What is a culprit in obesity?

A culprit in obesity is the availability of cheap unhealthy food. The body is like an accounting ledger. Assets in - assets out = a balance. If you put a lot of assets in, l (MORE)