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What does oer mean?

It means over. As in words like "can't" the apostrophe stands for an omitted letter, in this case v. O'er is short for " over ". The apostrophe indicates a missing letter ( Full Answer )
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What letter comes before oer?

If you are referring to the use of "oer" in the U.S. National Anthem, the missing letter is "v", but it comes between the "o" and the "e": this is a poetic reduction of the wo ( Full Answer )
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Describe the steps for painting oer a high gloss paint?

What is the existing paint? How long has it been on the current surface? Is this on a wall, or something else? Is there texture? Is this inside or outside? What is it that you ( Full Answer )
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If an officer in the army gets a one bad OER what does this mean can he get promoted to MAJ?

Can he still get promoted to the next rank (MAJ)? He just has one bad OER and seven outstanding OER's. This Bad OER was the second OER that he receive as a CPT. After that he ( Full Answer )
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How do we take care of oer environment?

We can take care of environment in following ways 1.We can clean our environment by throwing the plastic bottles in dustbin. 2.We can plant more and more trees. 3.We can use ( Full Answer )
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What movie and television projects has Sophie van Oers been in?

Sophie van Oers has: Played Renske Doornbos in "Voetbalvrouwen" in 2007. Played Renske Veldman in "Voetbalvrouwen" in 2007. Played Sanne in "Taxandria" in 2008. Played Yvonne ( Full Answer )