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What is an outlaw?

An outlaw is usually a person who has committed many serial crimes.An outlaw can be wanted in many states or countries and usually hasa price placed on his or her head for cap ( Full Answer )
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Is slavery outlawed?

In nearly every country, yes. But in practice it still exists in some parts of the world.
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Was makaveli an outlaw?

No, Makaveli is Tupac Shakur's other stage name. He got the idea of the name while in prison by reading a book published by Niccolò Machiavelli called "The Prince" that tau ( Full Answer )
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How did he become an outlaw?

Gene Starwind became an outlaw during the episode "Forced Departure" when he didn't pay the fees in the station. But I like to think he was always an Outlaw. Forced Departure ( Full Answer )
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Where was Christmas outlawed?

In 1659, a law was passed in Massachusetts Bay Colony requiring a fine from anyone caught "observing any such day as Christmas or the like, either by forbearing of labor, feas ( Full Answer )
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When slavery is outlawed?

Slavery was outlawed in the captured territory (only) of the Confederacy by the Emancipation Proclamation, in 1862. No slave holding states in the union, such as Maryland and ( Full Answer )
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What did medieval outlaws do?

they did whatever they liked. they go against the law, but they also have to pay the price.
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What is Outlaw Security?

Outlaw Security is the business started by Devon Day and the Sweetwater Kid in the late 1800's after they've been blackmailed into working for the government. The two most suc ( Full Answer )
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Who arrests outlaws?

Usually the United States Marshal Service is responsible for this.However, if identified, ANY Law Enforcement agency will arrest anoutlaw/felon/wanted person.
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Who outlawed Christianity?

During the last 2 millennia, many different people in various nations/places. You will need to be more specific for a narrower reply.