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Why do women often outlive men?

The reason women usually live longer than men is a quite simple answer, women are a lot more cautious with their health and well-being, men however are always looking for new (MORE)

How many siblings of shakespeare outlived him?

Only one, his younger sister Joan (named for any earlier sister who died before his birth). She was the only sister to live to adulthood and died at age 77 in 1646. Shakespear (MORE)
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Why have tuataras and platypuses outlived dinosaurs?

Luck - being in the right place at the right time. The modern platypus is nothing like old enough to have been around with the dinosaurs though - oldeset fossil - around 100,0 (MORE)

Who outlived their son in The Bible?

Methuselah, circa 687-1656 Anno Mundus, was the first father in theBible to outlive his son Lamech, circa 874-1651 Anno Mundus (AM).This occurred just before the worldwide Flo (MORE)

What wife outlived Henry the 8th?

Catherine Parr, Henry VIII's sixth wife outlived her husband by only a couple years. However, Anne of Cleves (the woman whose marriage to Henry VIII had been annulled in 1540) (MORE)