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What are packages What is use of Packaging in Java?

packages are collection of similar classes grouped together. This is a way to organize files when a project consists of multiple modules. It also helps resolve naming conflic (MORE)
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What are packages?

Packages are things that you download from a website. When you open the package, you will have the ability to download software.
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What is is packaging?

Packaging is an integral part of business advertising, and most advertising campaigns involve packaging plans and designs, as long as the company deals with products. Other ke (MORE)
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What is package and how is different from packaging?

A Package refers to the grouping of related Classes together. If you create a group of classes related to soccer, then all classes can be stored in the soccer package. Acc (MORE)
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What is shrink packaging of food packaging?

Packaging food products requires special care and approvedprocessing, handling, and materials. Food can be packaged using avariety of methods including bags, pouches, boxes, s (MORE)
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Who pays for packaging?

The mainly function of packaging is to protect and advertise the products it contained, it will be sold to end user, so the end user who pays for the packaging.
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What are the impacts of packaging?

When a customer walks into some shoppingcenter and look at the products, the first physical interactionwith the product is its packaging. Packaging is what the consumersees, f (MORE)
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How do you reuse packaging?

The packaging industry has made a really rapid advancement in the form of techniques and machinery used in packaging. With the passage of time recycling is getting more and mo (MORE)
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Why javalang package is default package?

java.lang defines the core Java language, without which all of Java would fail to operate. It is therefore the default package that must be used with every program that will r (MORE)