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Is Sorong in Papua New guinea?

yes. sorong is one of city in Morobe -P apua New guinea. but thereis also other "sorong" which is located in West Papua Province-Indonesia. sorong itself is a "city for transi ( Full Answer )
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Location of Papua new Guinea?

Papua New Guinea is in Oceania, the southwestern part of thePacific Ocean. It makes up the eastern half of the island of NewGuinea.
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Who discovered Papua New Guinea?

If the question is intended to ask, 'Which European first discovered Papua New Guniea?', the answer is that Portuguese explorer, Jorge de Menezes, is credited with making the ( Full Answer )
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What countries are in Papua New Guinea?

Papua New Guinea is the only country that is in Papua New Guinea. It is officially called the Independent State of Papua New Guinea. However, it occupies the eastern half of t ( Full Answer )
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What does Papua New Guinea export?

The main exports of Papua New Guinea, making up 66% of the GDP, are old, copper ore, oil, timber, palm oil and coffee.
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What does the papua in Papua New Guinea mean?

'Papua' comes from the Malay word pepuah which was used to describe the distinctive, frizzy Melanesian hair of the people who live on the island of New Guinea.
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Is Papua New Guinea in Indonesia?

No. Papua New Guinea shares the island of New Guinea with the Indonesian privince of West Papua. Papua New Guinea occupies the eastern side of the island, while west papua is ( Full Answer )
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Is papua new guinea in the Philippines?

No. Papua New Guinea is a completely separate country, in a completely separate part of the Pacific.
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Is papua new guinea overpopulated?

No, but the capital city Port Moresby has been labeled overpopulated as people from villages have travelled to the capital, thinking to have a better life; leaving them no c ( Full Answer )