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What does this mean in English Se parece bastante contigo tu sabes o no te lo an dicho?

A better interpretation to English would be, Have they told you that you look a lot like him (or her - it's not specified)? 'se parace' can mean appear but it can also mean to ( Full Answer )
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What does que tu parece mean in spanish?

Te parece- "how does it seem to you" is the literal translation, but it's used to mean "what's your opinion?"
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What does eres pareces joven mean?

As written "eres pareces joven" does not make sense. It literally states "you are look young." "Eres joven." = "You are young." "Pareces joven." = "You look/seem young." ( Full Answer )
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Where can one purchase music from Ser O Parecer?

You can purchase some music from Ser O Parecer from online stores/companies such as Itunes and Amazon! You can also purchase the music from tooth tunes.
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What is dime que parece?

It's an order for a person's opinion. It means, "Tell me; what does it look like to you; what do you think?"
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What actors and actresses appeared in Esto no es lo que parece - 1994?

The cast of Esto no es lo que parece - 1994 includes: Paco Aguilar as himself Imperio Argentina as herself Karina as herself Chiquetete as himself Romeu as himself Micky as hi ( Full Answer )