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What does paro mean in spanish?

Paro is the English or American form of social security. The literal translation is stoppage as in your contract has been terminated, or shutdown.
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Ang buod ng alamat ng paru-paro?

May isang diwatang may napakapangit! Ang mukha niya'y mapula at kulobot. Ang mga mata'y singningas ng apo. Ang saplot ay matandang kasuotan. May pulopot na basahan ang kamay. ( Full Answer )
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What is paro linguistic features?

Paralinguistic features are a suprasegmental (see phonology) aspect of language. The term is applied to the various tones of voice which can be used by speakers to affect the ( Full Answer )
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What does acaba de quedarse en el paro mean?

Its short interpretation is, "He got a job." It's longer translation is, "He finished/ended remaining [himself] in the unemployed [group].
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What hotels in Paro have good guest reviews?

There are a number of hotels in Paro that have positive reviews. Looking over hotel listings on Trip Adviser the top three ranked hotels are Uma by COMO, Zhiwa Ling and Nake- ( Full Answer )
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What does the Paro Therapeutic Robot do?

The Paro Therapeutic Robot helps to provide animal therapy in hospitals as well as in extended care facilities. The Paro Therapeutic Robot is known to help with reducing stres ( Full Answer )
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Where is Paros Island located?

Paros Island is an island off the coast of Greece. It is thought to be one of the most beautiful islands with historic buildings and other sites that go back to ancient Greece ( Full Answer )
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What language is paro nacional from?

Paro nacional comes from the language of Spanish. It translates to "national strike" in English meaning the coming of a nation to boycott something they want changed in their ( Full Answer )
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What movie and television projects has Richard Paro been in?

Richard Paro has: Played Robert in "Haunting Perpetually Dead Squirrels" in 1999. Played Lyric in "An Obvious Moment of Happiness" in 2003. Performed in "More Than Gravity" in ( Full Answer )