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What is a penis hole?

A penis hole is on the front tip of the penis, the tip of the penis is extremely sensitive, to the touch.
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How do you have pimpels on the penis?

Usually these are the result of ingrown hairs, and will resolve themselves without intervention. If it seems to be turning into a zit, with some pus in the middle, you can try ( Full Answer )
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Can you get a wort on your penis?

Yes you can, it is an STD and you must be very careful not to give it to anybody.
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What is a female with a penis?

The person is called intersexed and they may have a genetic basis or a physical deformation. Either way they are as much a normal person as you would find anywhere.
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What is a penis ment for?

Honestly... A penis is ment to be stuck inside if a vagina!! what else can you use it for?
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What do you do when your penis has problems?

Depends on what the problem is. Without more information there is really no way of knowing or giving any advice. Message me if you want to and I will see what advice I can off ( Full Answer )
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How do you beat your penis?

If you mean masturbate, then you can do it moderately as you please. Just as long as it doesn't interfere with your daily routine. But, if you over do it, then your penis may ( Full Answer )
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Does an alligator have a penis?

No, They are reptiles and only male mammals have penises. ANS2: Indeed, they do. All answers to the contrary presume that crocodilian anatomy is identical to lizard and turt ( Full Answer )
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If your penis is curved what is it?

that is very normal many boys penis' curved up and some have a down curved some point to the left or right all of which is very normal. There is a problem if the curve is so ( Full Answer )
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How do you tight the penis?

You don't tighten a penis, you harden it and you can only do that if you concentrate when having a sexual relation with some and masturbate or more foreplay could make you har ( Full Answer )