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Who was King Philip II of Spain?

King Phillip of Spain was the consort of Mary Tudor. Their marriage was part of the long struggle with France at the time, in July of 1554. Phillip II was the son of Emperor C (MORE)

How did King Philip II Spain die?

Answer . It was not customary to do an autopsy on the dead bodies of kings in those days. There is no medical record of the cause of death of Philip II of Spain, and no hi (MORE)
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Who is Prince Philip II of Spain?

He was the son of Charles I of Spain. His great-grandparents were Ferdinand and Isabelle making him the great-nephew of Catherine of Aragon. When he was in his mid 20's he was (MORE)

What are facts about Philip II of Spain?

He was married 4 times! . maria of Portugal . Mary I of England . Princess Elizabeth of Valois, Anne daughter of EMporer Maximillion Spainish Armada to invade England was (MORE)

What were the results of the reign of Philip II of Spain?

Philip II's reign saw the expansion of Spain's colonial empire tothe size it would retain until the mid-19th century. His mostimportant contribution to Europe's history was hi (MORE)