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Why did the Los Angeles raiders change to the Oakland Raiders?

  Originally, the Al Davis moved the Oakland Raiders to Los Angeles in 1982 for a much larger venue for the team. The team was so popular in Oakland during the 70's and th (MORE)

Why are Pink Dolphins pink?

The Pink River Dolphins of the Amazon River in South America are  pink-colored because they have a lot of blood vessels near the  surface of their skin, so that they can bet (MORE)

What is a tomb raider?

A tomb raider is a person who breaks into ancient tombs in order to steal the treasures in them to try to sell them or keep them as souvenirs.
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Difference of Suzuki Raider 150 from Suzuki Raider R150?

The R150 has an electric starter and a more complete engine cowling system. The cowling or " air-scoops" direct more air into the engine's cooling fins, resulting in a cooler (MORE)

Who are the raiders rivals?

In the days of the Steel Curtain, the Steelers were huge rivals with the Raiders meeting them several seasons in a row in the playoffs. They don't play as much anymore partly (MORE)

What is the difference of Suzuki Raider 150 from Suzuki Raider R150?

  I have both the Suzuki Raider 150 (2005 Model) and the Suzuki Raider R150 (2007 Model). The two major differences are:   1. The R150 has an electric starter. On my R1 (MORE)

What are Raiders in the ROTC?

There are usually 3 (well 4 if you count Color Guard separate from drill) teams in the JROTC program. The Raider team is the more physical of the 3. The Raider team does a gro (MORE)

Who is pink in Pink Floyd?

There is no "Pink" in the band Pink Floyd.   The original leader of Pink Floyd (Syd Barrett) named the band  after Pink Anderson and Floyd Council- two blues musicians fr (MORE)