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How 2 cheat 2 a moshling?

You can't cheat to an moshling... but there is 3 easy ways to get them... First there is stanley: any 2 Love Berries and any Dragon Fruit. Then Roxy: When you sign in, type H (MORE)
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Why does 2 2 equal 5?

  According to the novel "1984" by George Orwell, 2+2 equals 5, simply because the government says that it is so. It is used in the novel to illustrate the complete contro (MORE)

Do you have 2 fish or 2 fishes?

Either is correct. "Fish" is more commonly used as a plural, but "Fishes" is also correct but it is a bit more biblical and is slowly being used less and less.
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Stocks 101: Learn Stock Market Basics

The stock market is one of the more intimidating subjects in all of personal finance. You may want to get into the stock market, but are hesitant because you don't understand (MORE)
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How do you count 2 2 time?

To count 2 2 time simply ... count . All your notes must add up to 2 beats per bar. For example a crotchet and a crotchet makes two, because a crotchet is worth one SO 1+1=2 g (MORE)
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What does 2 and 2 thirds mean?

It means 2.66666.....(the 6 would go on forever!) Pretend you have three pies, your friend takes home 1/3 of one, you have 2 and 2 thirds.
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What is the slope of 6 2 2 -2?

7 or 10 if you calculate using the upward force slope then it is 10 otherwise it is 7! :0 Another Possibility:- Using: y2- y1over x2-x1 = -2-2/2-6 = a slope of 1
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Cl 2 MgBr 2?

Is an excellent example of a series of random letters and numbers that somehow manage to fail utterly at being a question.
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