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What is production?

production is the process of producing products Answer 2 . The processes and methods used to transform tangible inputs (raw materials, semi-finished goods, sub-assembl ( Full Answer )
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Why IS are products of IT?

Answer . because one first needs to know the difference between data, information and knowledge (both explicit and tacit).IS is an element of the IT b'cause it opens up ou ( Full Answer )
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What is productivity?

The amount of work done, related to the time, effort, money, and energy that was needed to produce it. ________________________________________________________________ . ( Full Answer )
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What are products?

It depends on the subject area... If your question is related to science, please see "What are products in science?" If your question is related to math, please see "What are ( Full Answer )
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Why do products have where they are from on them?

The country of origin will tell you something about the standards of safety of that product. The recent problems of toys from China to the US is a good example. Toys shipped t ( Full Answer )
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What is product?

A substance formed as a result of a chemical reaction. Product is an article or substance that is manufactured or refined for sale.
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What is products?

The noun 'product' is a word for an article or substance that ismanufactured or refined for sale; the number or expressionresulting from the multiplication of two or more numb ( Full Answer )
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What is a by product?

A by product is a product which came out or is created as a result of creating the main product.
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What is a product '?

The output from a process, or, mathematically, the result of multiplying 2 or more numbers.
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What is the by - product?

"by-product" is a term used by scientist and most people when they meant something that is an outcome of what they are currently making ... --- just an ( Full Answer )