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Where is Riyadh?

Riyadh is the capitol of Saudi Arabia and sits in the heart of a platue named Najd in the Arabian penenskla, the Middle East. So the answer is; Saudi Arabia
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What are facts about Riyadh?

  thers are alot of things to do in riyadh city   first of all is SHOPPING!   and going out for restaurants it has veraity of amazing places   you may also go to (MORE)

What is interesting in riyadh?

Well if you are coming as a tourist i would suggest Mamlaka and Faisaliyya which are the 2 big towers in Riyadh, on top of Faisaliyya there is a restaurant up in the ball shap (MORE)

What are the restrictions in riyadh?

Restrictions are the same as in most of countries, but the penalties are very tough. The most important restrictions which usually has issues to follow for some of the non Mus (MORE)

Why was Riyadh attacked?

Al Qaeda people are the responsible for attacking Riyadh: 1- In the beginning they miss interpret the Holy Quran because they do not have a qualified people for its Interpret (MORE)