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What did Albert schweitzer do?

Albert Schweitzer lived from 1875 to 1965. He was a doctor, aphilosopher, and worked as a missionary on the continent of Africa.Schweitzer was also an accomplished musical sch (MORE)

Who is Albert schweitzer?

Albert Schweitzer was a philosopher, theologian, organist,physician, and missionary. He was French and won the Noble PeacePrize in 1952.

Who was Schweitzer?

Albert Schweitzer was a musician, theologian, medical doctor, and missionary. He established a hospital in Africa that looked like a typical African Village. The people who wo (MORE)
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What is Albert Schweitzer well known for?

Albert Schweitzer is well known as a great humanitarian as he spent his 40 years till death in Africa as a medical doctor at Lambgarence. He got a Nobel Peace Prize for this.

What has the author Philip A Schweitzer written?

Philip A. Schweitzer has written: 'Corrosion-resistant piping systems' -- subject(s): Piping, Corrosion 'Fundamentals of corrosion' 'Corrosion of polymers and elastomers (MORE)

What has the author Martin Schweitzer written?

Martin Schweitzer has written: 'Municipal electric utilities: establishment and transformation' -- subject(s): Law and legislation, Public utilities 'Key factors responsib (MORE)