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What is South Korea?

South Korea is a country in East Asia that is south of China and to the west of Japan. Korea is divided into two countries. North Korea and South Korea. a country in Asia that (MORE)

Is South Korea in the republic of Korea?

Presumably so, as North Korea is a Communist state and not a Republic ___________________________________________________________________ Republic of Korea is the official (MORE)

Why is there a South Korea and North Korea?

Answer 1   The history of North Korea formally begins with the establishment  of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) in 1948.    In the aftermath of t (MORE)

Is South Korea in South America?

NO. south Korea is in Asia. completely different. - Just because both have 'South' in the name, doesn't mean they have anything in common. Look on a map. South Korea is ne (MORE)

Is South Korea south of China?

yes it is... South korea a.k.a republic of korea is offically  registered country.   It is not in part of China. They are in Korean Peninsula. I can't  delete the first (MORE)