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Where are north America and South America?

Both continents are located in what is called the Western Hemisphere. North America is the continent where it's northernmost islands are within the Arctic Circle, and extends (MORE)

Why is South America called South America?

Together, North America and South America form America, or the Americas. Separated by the Isthmus of Panama (though Panama is considered completely in North America since the (MORE)

Why is South America called America?

The term "America" comes from a German map maker who believed the lies of Vespucci that he had landed in North America ( there were proven to be lies in 1890), so when it was (MORE)

Is Latin America in South America?

Latin America is the region of the Americas (the American Continent) where romance language (Spanish, Portuguese and French) are spoken. It includes countries in North, Centra (MORE)

Is South America the American south?

Yes,South America is the south of the continent of America. Incorrect ! Firstly, there are TWO American continents, North America and South America. The expressions " Amer (MORE)

What separates America and South America and why?

I assume you mean the USA and South america, if that's it then it would be every country between Mexico and Panama. If you meant North America from South America, then it woul (MORE)

About South America?

South America is the fourth largest continent by area and fifth most populous. It is located in the Western Hemisphere and spans the Northern and Southern Hemispheres as well. (MORE)