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Is talons a noun?

Yes, the word "talons" is a plural form of the noun 'talon',a word for the claw of a bird of prey; a word for a thing.
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Do owls have talons?

Yes, the claw of an owl is called a talon. The claws of birds of prey (which the owl is) are referred to as talons.
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What did Jean Talon do?

Jean Talon was a Frenchman sent to Canada to govern New France. Hetried to promote agriculture over fur trading and sought newsettlers. He imported 800 women to marry in Canad ( Full Answer )
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What is a talon?

A talon is simply a "claw" or "fingernail" usually on large birds of prey. . Talons are like claws and are mostly on birds of prey and some lizards
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What does taloned mean?

It refers to any animal which has claws or talons for holding onto a prey or for tearing.
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Do peacocks have talons?

They do have sharp claws that can hurt if they can pull a direct scratch it can make you bleed. Peacocks are not very aggressive but males fight when it is mating time.
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Do chickens have large talons or a talon?

Chickens do have claws, however, I would not consider them "talons." Rooster, on the other hand, have "spurs," which grow on the inside of their leg, around 3 inches up from t ( Full Answer )
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Do turkeys have talons?

Turkeys do have talons. In fact, they have a large, sharp talonthat they will use to peck or grasp the head of another turkeywhile fighting.
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Do toucans have talons?

While not as big as those of predatory birds, all birds have clawsto some degree.
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Do hummingbirds have talons?

No. They are not predators. Predators need talons for eating andcatching animals. They eat nectar and do not harm others.