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Is a tokay gecko tamable?

I've had my Tokay for about 2 weeks now and they are tamable if you handle them correctly. he did bite a lot for the first couple days but you have to move a bit slow when you (MORE)
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What tamable monsters in wow?

First off, the Hunter class can tame a large variety of creatures as pets. Hunters have an ability called "Beast Lore", with which they can check any creature and see if it ca (MORE)
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Is a pitbull a tamable dog?

Pitbulls are very tamable dogs. The media has given them a terrible reputation for being highly aggresive dogs that are dangerous to be around. This is only because there are (MORE)
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In Minecraft 1.4 how do I find a tamable wolf and what difficulty do I have to be in?

As far as I know, they spawn on every difficulty except peaceful. They are very rare, so you will have to search a while. But you should look at light grass areas. They can on (MORE)