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Is there a train from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem?

Yes; technically. For a while the train between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem would take about an hour a half with a quick stop in Beit Shemesh along the way. That's a long time for (MORE)

Which embassies have offices in Tel Aviv?

Most foreign embassies in Israel are located in Tel Aviv. Partial list: Austria, Ukraine, Australia, Uruguay, Italy, Ireland, Ecuador, Ethiopia, United States, Bulgaria, Belgi (MORE)

What is the best beach in Tel Aviv?

It really depends who you are. The main beaches are Gordon Beach and Frishman Beach (located on the west end of streets with the same names). The gay community usually go to H (MORE)

What is the average humidity in Tel Aviv?

The humidity in Tel Aviv varies throughout the year, as seen below, but the effect of humidity is different according to the temperature. The hotter it gets and more humid, th (MORE)

Where is the Boston deli in tel aviv?

Boston Deli is in the Dizengof Center shopping mall at the intersection of ing George and Dizengof Streets in Tel Aviv. I haven't eaten there yet. A real Boston-style deli wou (MORE)
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Why is Tel Aviv called Tel Aviv in Israel?

The city of Tel Aviv was founded in 1906 by budding young Zionists, so they wished to name the city after the book that inspired them to come to Ottoman Palestine: Altneuland (MORE)