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Who is Thiru Arut prakasa vallalar?

\nThe ArutperunJothi Ramalinga Adigalar, popularly known as VALLALAR, the Great Munificient, may be regarded as the foremost of the saints and ages of the nineteenth century, ( Full Answer )
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What is a ka?

There is a model of car produced by the Ford Motor Company which is called a Ka.
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Vies a vi?

If you mean "vis-à-vis" it is " opposite " or " face to face " in french sans vis-à-vis (in a building), it is" with an open outlook " If you mean " Vis ta ( Full Answer )
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What is vi?

I can at least tell you the VI is the standard editor used on a lot of Unix platforms. However, it is so clunky that the joke is the name is an abbreviation for "Virtually Imp ( Full Answer )
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English meaning of vis a vis?

1/ face to face, facing, opposite; 2/ concerning, in relation to; . 3/ a person of equal authority or rank. .
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Is vis-à-vis French?

yes it is a french word that is used in english and it has the same meaning in both languages.
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What does vis vis mean?

It is most likely "vis à vis", meaning "regarding", or more rarely "in front of", "face to face" (from old French "vis", meaning "visage").
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What movie and television projects has Keir Thirus been in?

Keir Thirus has: Played Aaron Martin in "Close Distance" in 2005. Played Bob Ferguson in "The Express" in 2008. Played Myers in "Dollhouse" in 2009. Played Tyler in "Cocoa Lov ( Full Answer )