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What is a transmission accumulator?

It is a small piston in the transmission with a spring on one side. It takes oil into it and slows the application of an element and has a reserve of oil under pressure to slo ( Full Answer )
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What is a transmission?

It is the 2nd member of the power train. The engine being the 1st The differential being the 3rd The transmission takes the energyproduced by the engine and "transmits" it to ( Full Answer )
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What is the transmission angle?

Angle between coupler link and output link for a given crank angleis called transmission angle, it is maximum when crank angle is 180degree and minimum when crank angle is 0 d ( Full Answer )
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What is transmission?

A: It could mean two thing transmission as in broadcast radio TV and so forth or power transmission lines to supply real power to USA states
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What is a AT transmission?

an automatic transmition is the one that does not need to be manualy shifted everytime a gear is needed when you drive. it shifts gears as the speed of the eninge increases.
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Is the transmission range sensor in the transmission?

Could be on, or in. Depends on the type of car. Please ask a new question with the make and model info. Domestically speaking, the only manufacturer that places the range s ( Full Answer )
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What is a shiftronic transmission?

Shiftronic is Hyundai Motor Company's version of the manumatic transmission. for more information read the following link: Save
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What are the transmission mode and transmission media?

There are mainly three types of transmission modes : 1) Simplex : Information can flow only in one direction 2) Half Duplex : Information can flow in both direction but only 1 ( Full Answer )