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What is Trinidad and Tobago National Emblems?

The National Anthem, The National Pledge, The National Song: God Bless Our Nation, The National Prayer, The Coat of Arms, The National Birds: Scarlet Ibis and Cocrico, The Nat (MORE)

Who is the richest man in Trinidad and tobago?

Based on the information available, Jack Warner is the richest man  in Trinidad and Tobago. In 2008, his estimated net worth was 50  million US dollars. He has served as the (MORE)

Is Trinidad and tobago in south America?

Trinidad and tobago is not in south America. Trinidad and tobago are in fact islands in the Caribbean. these islands are one country, a republic(1976). so it is called the rep (MORE)

Who is kathleen piper of Trinidad and tobago?

KATHLEEN PIPER composed the music and words for "Our Nation's Dawning", a National Song for Trinidad and Tobago at the time of Independence in 1962. I am publishing the words (MORE)