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Where is Trinidad and Tobago?

The island nation is in the Caribbean Sea, just off the northern coast of Venezuela in South America. Of the two islands, Trinidad is the larger and closer to Venezuela, and h ( Full Answer )
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What animals are in Trinidad and tobago?

Cats such as ocelot which is commonly called the painted leopardare found in Trinidad and Tobago. Other animals found there includecolorful parrots, the white fronted Capuchin ( Full Answer )
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What did he do for Trinidad and tobago?

A. N. R. Robinson was the third President of Trinidad and Tobagoand also their third Prime Minister. He worked for internalself-government for Tobago and he also proposed the ( Full Answer )
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When is trinidads and tobago next earthquake?

the scientists do not know exactly when there would be a next strike but according to their information, it WILL BE SOON!
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Who is the richest man in Trinidad and tobago?

Based on the information available, Jack Warner is the richest manin Trinidad and Tobago. In 2008, his estimated net worth was 50million US dollars. He has served as the vice ( Full Answer )
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How many millionaires are there in Trinidad and Tobago?

Sure no one want to say because there are only dishonest ones, they hide behind poverty so we poor ones will never know, but i know that there is alot, take a drive in the wes ( Full Answer )
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Is Trinidad and tobago in south America?

Trinidad and tobago is not in south America. Trinidad and tobago are in fact islands in the Caribbean. these islands are one country, a republic(1976). so it is called the rep ( Full Answer )
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Where can and isthmus be found in Trinidad and tobago?

You admit this is homework, so you need to get out your notes/textbook to find the answer to the question. Wiki will not help you cheat. If you do the work now you will get a ( Full Answer )