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What is VD?

The acronym may mean several things. The most common would be: Video Disc (videodisc) - a general term for pre-DVD optically encoded digital media Venereal Disease - a (MORE)

What does VD mean?

venerial diesese. VD means Venereal Disease. The standard term anymore has pretty much been changed to STD or Sexually Transmitted Disease..
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What does vd stand for?

VD stands for venereal disease. It is now called sexually transmitted disease or STD.. Note. in Spanish vd or ud stands for 'usted', the polite form of 'you'.
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What is VDS in football terms?

The closest reference to VDS in Football (Soccer) that I've found is Edwin van der Sar. His surname is often abbreviated as VDS.
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What is vd 14k gold?

vd would be the trademark for the company that produced the jewelry it has no standing to the gold at all if your item is stamped that way it is just their trademark

What is the value of a1909 vds penny?

Sorry.I can't give you an exact price.If I were you,I would have an expert look at it.If you watch Pawn Stars you will definatelly get some good people on there.
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What VDs cause painful urination?

Gonorrhea is the sexually transmitted disease that causes painful urination. It is treatable with modern antibiotics but left untreated can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease (MORE)

What is the A-VD?

The A-VD is the Anti-Viral District, they are one of the Central Intelligence of Viral investigations. They are all the Viral Systematic Labs put together (V.S.L.) Such as V.S (MORE)