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Where there is love there is pain?

Of course there is. But it can happen for so many different reasons. Maybe you were in love with your boyfriend and he broke up with you. Or a family member passed away. Lovin (MORE)
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No period but have the pains?

A lot of Females do get that, it is usually just a sign that your period is on the way, its like practise pain, before the up-coming event. I've had they pains before but my p (MORE)

What does VD mean?

venerial diesese   VD means Venereal Disease. The standard term anymore has pretty much been changed to STD or Sexually Transmitted Disease.  
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What does VD mean in legal terms?

Unless you are reading some kind of "shorthand" notation off a case jacket which may refer to something else, the only meaning of VD that I am aware of is that it almost unive (MORE)
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Why we get pain?

I am not a doctor but I can give you a simple and short answer to this question that I find has infinite knowledge behind it. Pain is the way your body tells you something is (MORE)
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What are synonyms for pain?

Some synonyms for pain are.... 1. agony 2. hurt 3. ache 4. affliction 5. cramp 6. discomfort 7. burn 8. convulsion 9. torture 10. suffering 11. illness 12. irritation 13. woun (MORE)

Is a paintball painful?

Yes, getting hit with a paintball can be painful and even leave  bruises. Be sure to always wear proper safety gear to reduce the  potential pain. Of course, if you don't ge (MORE)