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Is everyone on the Virgin Islands a virgin?

If someone populates the virgin islands, it means the islands are no more virgins, which means it has no relevance if the person is virgin or not but considering that more peo (MORE)

Where is virgin island?

There are three Virgin Islands. It is an island group in the Carribean Sea to the Southeast of Puerto Rico. From largest to smallest St. Croix, St. Thomas, and St. John
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Are there six islands in the US Virgin Islands?

There are more than six Virgin Islands. There are 62 Virgin Islands under the U.S. flag. Four are in the District of St. Croix and 58 are in the District of St. Thomas-St. (MORE)

Why are the Virgin Islands named the Virgin Islands?

Christopher Columbus gave the islands the name 'Santa Ursula y las  Once Mil Virgenes' or 'Saint Ursula and the 11,000 Virgins'  shortened to Las Virgenes. (The story is tha (MORE)

Are the British Virgin Islands part of the US Virgin Islands?

No, while the two island groups are right next to each other, the  United States controls the western islands of St. Thomas, St. John  and St. Croix. The British Virgin Isla (MORE)