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What is the Science of Volition?

Andrew J. Galambos was the innovator and integrator of the Social Sciences, which he called the Science of Volition. It is through his theories of Freedom and Primary Property (MORE)
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What is the opposite of volition?

The opposite of volition (choice, free will) could be coercion or extortion (forced or involuntary action). The lack of volition could be indecision, wavering, or procras (MORE)
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Use volition in a sentence?

"Negative" symptoms (of paranoid schizophrenia) such as blunting of affect and impaired volition are often present but do not dominate the clinical picture
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Is a hard disk drive volital?

I believe that you mean to ask if hard disk drives are considered volatile storage media or not. Volatile memory is memory that is lost when the storage medium is not being su (MORE)
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What is Volitional Exhaustion?

Volitional exhaustion is the point at which a person cannot perform a muscular contraction and voluntarily terminates the contraction (Pitcher & Miles, 1997) Pitcher, J.B., (MORE)
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Use in a sentence volition?

Volition means will or choice. An example of volition used in asentence is: Although she blamed me for making her do it, I knowshe went to the party of her own volition.
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What is a volitional function?

to all, The psychic neo-therapy of the school of Bamberg livened up by Robert Korsant demonstrates us the influence of the psychic on the physical appearance and the num (MORE)
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What does the term 'Volition' mean?

The word "volition" is an act of making a choice or decision or to choose or determine. It has been found that this word originated back in 1615 when it was first used.