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Do narcissist get vulnerable?

My ex I am sure felt very vulnerable when I started realizing something was wrong with her and she didn't have a backup supply. She begged me she didnt want to breakup. So i d (MORE)

Why database is vulnerable?

Database is vulnerable because it collects, maintains, anddisseminates information. These data essentially includeexploitability and potential impact. Example of this is the O (MORE)

What is vulnerability?

Definition Degree to which people, property, resources, systems, and cultural, economic, environmental, and social activity is susceptible to harm, degradation, or destructi (MORE)
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What is vulnerabilities?

Showing me the val... For computer saying to me install what can i have to do
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How was the Aztecs vulnerable?

The Aztecs original name is "Mexica", europeans called them Aztecs because of Aztlan, the area basicaly western u.s.(California) It's not the proper name to call ... Mexi (MORE)

Why is the cheetah vulnerable?

Well, first of all, cheetah may be able to dash at 70-75 miles per hour, but only for a short time. Also, poachers contribute to a near excintion in many big cats, including c (MORE)
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Why the yaks are vulnerable?

wild yaks are hunted for foods and other products but such hunting,as well as competition with livestock grazing,has led to their populations being listed as 'vulnerable'

How vulnerable is your Email?

It is vulnerable all the time. There are some irresponsible person in this world that love to hack and sending viruses to someone's email. Be careful. Have a powerful malware (MORE)
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What is a vulnerable adult?

A vulnerable adult is usually defined by social or medical care agencies and the definition can vary from one to another. In general terms, it is an adult who has a learning (MORE)