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What is the vulva?

The vulva is the name for the external parts of a woman's genitals, and comprises of the labia majora (outer folds of skin), labia minora (inner folds of skin) and the clitori ( Full Answer )
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What is a vulva?

A vulva is a a part of the vagina it is up there women pee out of the vulva. there is a G-spot if a penis hits it it explodes with water. i always hit the G-Spot That is where ( Full Answer )
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What is Vulva-hemotoma?

Answer . A hematoma is a collectuion of blood under the skin, it is not just a bruise but may co-exist with a bruise. a black eye is usually a hematoma, and the black nai ( Full Answer )
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What is vulva to vulva?

A kind of female-to-female sexual activity involving contact between both partners' external genitalia. It can also be referred to as a form of tribadism. Source: Wikipedia. ( Full Answer )
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What is vulva?

The external genital organs of the female reproductive system are collectively known as the vulva. In medical terminology the word 'vulva' is used to describe the female ext ( Full Answer )
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How deep is a vulva?

The vulva isn't deep at all. "Vulva" refers to the external genitalia of a woman is thus superficial. The vulva includes the clitoris, labia majora and labia minora which surr ( Full Answer )
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What is a horse's vulva?

The vulva are the external flaps of skin along the edge of the vaginal opening. This allows one to distinguish more easily which of the two openings in a mare's rear is the va ( Full Answer )
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What color is the Vulva?

It is the color of your stomach. The vulva is the correct name for pussy. If a woman's skin is white, it will be white, and if the woman is black, it will be black.
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What is the vulva on a cow?

A cow's vulva is synonymous to a woman's "vagina" or vulva, and is the entry point from the outside where cows conceive to produce offspring, give birth to a calf, and also ur ( Full Answer )