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Should i wait for him?

If you truly love him, and think that you have a good future with him and it will be worth it, then yes. Follow your heart and if you think you should, then go for it. No one ( Full Answer )
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The act of waiting in Waiting for Godot?

the act of waiting is full with absurdity ,and the unawarness of the tow characters to put into actions or to dramatize . instead of that they picked not to translat the menta ( Full Answer )
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Who was waiting in waiting for godot?

Vladimir and Estragon was waiting for Godot, according to the script. Any further thoughts about this, has to be made on your own, there are a lot of discussions about who Vla ( Full Answer )
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Waiting for Godot is about waiting?

Among other things, yes, Waiting for Godot is about waiting. Additionally, it explores existential themes and questions the nature of faith and religion.
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What was the line wait for it wait for it from?

I believe Steve Irwin started saying it but not sure if he started it but that's what i remember him by. He was the animal guy who was killed by a stingray.
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How long will you have to wait for him?

Honestly if you truly love him you will wait as long as it takes to see him or you will do anything you can to be with him. But if not then just break it off because in the en ( Full Answer )
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Who is Juliet waiting on?

Juliet is the main character and sisters with Heneretta; also Juliet loved to preform and was the star of a play until her sister stole the spotlight from her.
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Is wait a sentence?

The imperative command ("Wait!") is a sentence. It is equivalent to "you should wait" or "you must wait". The subject (you) is understood, as in other forms of direct address. ( Full Answer )
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What is the different between I am waiting on you and waiting for you?

Hello, the difference is this: `waiting for you` is when you aremeeting someone and you wait for them maybe in a cafe or restaurantand they have not arrived yet, but `waiting ( Full Answer )