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Who wore the 38?

Previously worn by Kerrea Gilbert & Mark Randall, the no. 38 shirt is now vacant and wil be taken up by Kaka in January.
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What evacuees wore?

They had a little box with a gas mask in and they weared dull not colourfull top and bottoms
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Who wore moccasins?

Many tribes of Native Americans wore moccasins. They were softshoes made of buffalo hide. It was tough, but soft.
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What the Iroquois wore?

The Iroquois Indians clothing consisted of all natural materials, whether they grew it or hunted for it. Buckskin was used for women's dresses. The men's clothing were breech ( Full Answer )
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Wore as in im wore out?

The proper spelling is worn, not wore. I'm worn out. The knees on the boys jeans were worn through.
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What rhymes with wored?

"Wored" is not a word. Do you mean "warred" as in "fought"? Or perhaps "word"? Or "wore," the past tense of "to wear"?
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What did Jesus wore?

As pretty much anyone else in His time, Jesus wore the long linen robes that seemed to be either popular, or all that anyone had. Except for the richest people...such as the P ( Full Answer )
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What the tocobago wore?

The women wore skirts made of palmetto leaves and the men worebreechcloth of rabbit fur or deer skin
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Is wore a noun?

No, it is not a noun. It is the past tense of the verb "to wear."
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Is wore a conjunction?

No, it is not. Wore is the past tense of the verb to wear .