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What continent is Yugoslavia in?

Yugoslavia was a united country, but split into five separatecountries in 1992: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Former YugoslavRepublic of Macedonia (FYROM), Serbia and Monte (MORE)

What is the Yugoslavia alphabet?

Yugoslavia no longer exists.     When the country existed there were about 6 national languages (depending on how you define a language) and 2 alphabets.     The (MORE)

When was Yugoslavia created?

  Answer   Yugoslavia was an artificial state created in 1918-1919 by merging large areas of Austria-Hungary with Serbia. As the various parts of the country were so (MORE)

Where is Yugoslavia?

It does not exist any more. It is now divided itno Slovenia,Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and the FormerYugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).
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What does Yugoslavia mean?

Yugoslavia means 'Land of the Slavs'. It was a country inSoutheastern Europe from the end of World War I (1918) until thefall of communism and the Yugoslav Wars (1992). The mo (MORE)