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Which islands are in the Caribbean?

1 Anguilla2 Antigua and Barbuda3 Aruba4 Bahamas5 Barbados6 British Virgin Islands7 Cayman Islands8 Colombia9 Cuba10 Curaçao11 Dominica12 Dominican Republic13 Grenada14 Guadel (MORE)

What is the Caribbean Sea?

The Caribbean Sea is one of the most largest salt-water seas in the world covering a total 2,754,000 km2 (square kilometers) and is also the Deepest SEA not ocean at 7,686 met (MORE)
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Where is Caribbean located?

The Caribbean includes the Caribbean Sea as well as all of the  islands located to the east of Central America, north of South  America, and southeast of the Gulf of Mexico. (MORE)

Bammy in the Caribbean?

In the Caribbean, bammy is cassava flatbread made in Jamaica. This  bread is made from grated cassava or manioc. Through a series of  processes, the cassava is prepared to b (MORE)

What is the Caribbean money?

The Caribbean  is made up of dozens of countries and territories, so there are a  variety of local currencies to use. To make it easy, the U.S.  dollar is accepted almost e (MORE)

What is the answer to 20c plus 5 equals 5c plus 65?

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