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How do you spell 'Caribbean'?

  Although there are 2 correct pronunciations, there is only ONE correct spelling- "Caribbean".   Many people end up misspelling the word because when it is pronounced (MORE)

Is Hawaii in the Caribbean?

No, Hawaii is not in the caribbean, it is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. No, Hawaii is an archipelago in the central Pacific Ocean.
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How did the amerindians get to the Caribbean?

One theory is that they came here in the iceage. It is said that they crossed the Berring Strait then travelled south through North America then across Central America then do (MORE)

Is Mexico in the Caribbean?

Mexico is geographically in North America, along with Canada and the United States. However, you should know that a small part of Mexico, specifically the eastern Yucatan Peni (MORE)

What do they wear in the Caribbean?

The wear a lot of white and light colors. They wear straw hats and  cool breezy cotton blends that are loose fitting. Other than that,  they wear clothes similar to everywhe (MORE)

Why visit the Caribbean?

I would visit the Caribbean to see and experience that part of the world. I love to spend time in warm, humid climates. I live in the desert Southwest of the USA and anyplace (MORE)
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Is France Caribbean?

To some extent; French people consider their overseas 'departments' an integral part of France, which includes some Caribbean places. These would often be called 'territories' (MORE)