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What are the miracles in paganism?

There were as many miracles in paganism as there were in Christianity. Many of the gods and god-men were born of virgins. Dionysis turned water into wine. Hermes walked on wa (MORE)

Do you believe in miracles?

There are more than one person answering questions, so some will, some won't.   Answer Certainly. The Universe, the first human, birth of Jesus, etc were some of the solid (MORE)

Do a miracle or make a miracle?

In the Bible miracles are described as things people perform or do with God working through them. People can't 'make' a miracle as you would make a cake or build a house. E (MORE)

What is the miracle of the miracle worker?

The miracle of the miracle worker was Annie teaching Helen sign language and she succeeded. Helen went to college and graduated, she became an under-controlled child and very (MORE)

What is the Greek miracle?

The greek miricale reffers to the emergence of what is considered the first philosophers. This movement upon revession from historians is seen as a miricale from mythical thou (MORE)

What are the miracles in Hinduism?

1. All the stones in Ram Setu are floating without support. 2. There are nine continuous burning flames in Himanchal Pradesh without any fuel. 3. There is om mountain found n (MORE)

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