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Where does Morris dancing music come from?

Some Morris dance tunes are traditional tunes associated with particular dances, although it is possible that they were originally song or country dance tunes that were adapte (MORE)

What is Sioux music and dance?

the Sioux tribe danced the hoop dance which to them represents the circle of life ans for their music the played the flag song and when they are doing the flag song everyone i (MORE)

Why is musicality important in dance?

In dance, any sort of dance really, you need to be able to listen to the music and count beats, listen for changes in tempo and mood of the piece and be able to adapt your mov (MORE)

What musical features make disco music dance music?

The heavy kickdrum in simple quadruple time gives a constant rhythm of quarter notes, making it extremely easy for people to catch onto the beat. The usually high vocal and ho (MORE)

What music do they dance to in pantsula dance?

Pantsula dance was originally danced to live street music. As radio  became more prevalent, it was danced to American and pop-style  world music. After the 1990s, the main m (MORE)
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What music do break dancers dance to?

First of all there called b-boys they dance to instrumental beat most of the time or rap just look up instrumental beat on youtube you will find one
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Where did dance music originate?

Dance music first originated from Summerset. A man named francis Boulard was out walking one day when in a feild of cows he heard someone or something banging against a tree. (MORE)

What music do you dance to in contemprary dance?

Most contemporary dances have an underlying story which the music reflects. I think that the contemporary dances with the most impact have to do with real issues, especially t (MORE)