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Can chaplains get married?

Depending on their denomination yes. As long as the religion they were ordained in allows it's ministers to marry, they certainly may do so.
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Nickname for chaplain in military service?

The proper address is CHAPLAIN (not by rank), but in WWII, it was CHAPPIE or PADRE. Sometimes called FATHER or BROTHER or occasionally DOG-COLLAR or HOLY ROLLER (derogatory)

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What is a prison chaplain?

An ordained clergyperson who either works for the prison system, or is a volunteer, who tends to the religious needs/desires of the inmates.
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What is a police chaplain?

Police chaplains are generally volunteer members of the clergy who perform various spiritually-related tasks for law enforcement agencies. They may counsel officers wanting sp (MORE)
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What does a military chaplain do?

A military chaplain generally carries out the tasks of an ordinary chaplain but he is ministering to military personnel and their families. They may also head out to countries (MORE)
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What are some of the duties that chaplains perform?

Chaplains can either be involved in the hospital, or the military. They are responsible for providing spiritual guidance to parishioners and providing religious services such (MORE)
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How do you become a chaplain?

A chaplain is an individual who is ordained or endorsed by a faith  group to provide chaplaincy care in diverse.