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Ha Maine bhi pyar kiya hai?

asalamualaikum....Are you speaking in urdu! I know a little bit of Urdu(if that's what your speaking in)and I would like to share it with you! does "mudse bohut buk lagi hai" (MORE)

Will HA and DRS work if Vcenter goes down?

HA will work if vcenter goes down but DRS needs vcenter to work. HA needs vcenter to configure it.
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Who is Ha Van Vuong?

  Ha van Vuong is, I believe, a Vietnamese artist born in 1914. Her most famous painting is Mandolin, which graces many a student's walls. The company Athena International (MORE)

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How do you spell alev ha shalom in Hebrew?

עַלֵב הָשָׁלוֹם    alev ha-shalom    Answer:   The person who asked the question may have had in mind:   עליו השלום (Peace upon him) (MORE)

What does Ha buhai en Philippines mean?

It was the comment Philippine children said to the Allied troops during World War II when they were liberating the Philippine Islands. It could be: "Na buhai en Philippines" o (MORE)