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How many different horse coat colors are there in the world?

There are more like 39 coat colors determined by individual genes. This includes the breeds where color is a prime consideration, such as palominos, appaloosas and other spott (MORE)

Is there 18 different horse colors?

well there might be more than 18 different horse colours the only colours i know are Palamino,black,white,piebald,skiebald,apaloosa,bay,strawberry roan,liver chestnut,dun,blue (MORE)

What does a horse of a different color mean?

Great phrase. When someone says, that's a horse of a different color what they are saying is, that's a different subject all together. A horse of a different color just means (MORE)

What colors can a horses be?

Black, Grey, Pinto, Stawberry Roan, Appaloosa, Chestnut, Dun, Buckskin, Red Dun and Bay. There are many more but these are the basics. There is also palomino , white and c (MORE)

What are different paint horse color patterns?

Paint horses come in two basic patterns, tobiano and overo.* Both of these patterns can be predominatly white or color. Tobiano:Solid color head with any combination of star, (MORE)

How many different horse colors are there?

  There are many different horse colors. They include... 1. Buckskin 2. Strawberry Roan 3. Bay 4. Blue Roan 5. Black 6. Dun 7. Red Dun 8. Chestnut 9. Grulla 10. Piebald 11 (MORE)

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