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Who licked you?

The question of "who licked you" might be pretty common if you have  several dogs in your home. Dogs often lick a person to show  affection.

Who did God promise the Promised Land to?

Abraham    ANOTHER ANSWER:    In the final analysis, the "Promised LAND" God vowed to  "Abraham's descendants" is revealed to be THE WHOLE  EARTH. More precise (MORE)

Which dogs lick you?

All dogs lick humans, unless trained otherwise. Many people believe that dogs lick humans because they enjoy the taste of a human's salty skin. Others believe that a dog licki (MORE)

How can you lick your armpit?

Easiest way is to lie on your side with the lower arm extended above your head. (Right side, right arm; left side, left arm) You should then be able to lower your head and rea (MORE)
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Can a Shark lick you?

No, they do not lick, their mouth is too big. they eat you, that's what they'll do!

What to promise my girlfriend with a promise ring?

personally i believe that a promise ring is something that you give to your girlfriend when you guys have been in a committed relationship and you guys are ready to take the n (MORE)
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What does the expression a lick and a promise mean?

  lick and a promise: a hasty and cursory performance in doing something: I didn't have time to clean thoroughly, so I gave the room a lick and a promise.
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How do you lick fanny?

you gently release your tongue from your mouth, gently glide it into the vaginal region then instead of using it, start by inserting one toe at a time, and gradually insert yo (MORE)