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Why was the mighty boosh canceled?

The Mighty Boosh was not cancelled. Creators Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding did a tour in 2008/2009 after the third series. They then worked on, and released, a book (The Mi (MORE)

How do you get wind?

we get wind by.....Energy being transformed into electricity when wind moves a turbine and spins a magnet. Now that's how we get energy.

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How does Max the Mighty end?

The book Max the Mighty ends with Max holding up a heavy piece of wood in the mine shaft for the undertaker to get out. Everything falls down, but he doesn't die. After the en (MORE)
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How can you tell if a mighty bean is rare?

If you plant this seed during a drought, in the dessert, and never water it it still grows fast and tall high to the sky towards the heavens, where birds live in it's sturdy b (MORE)