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Why do natural disaster happens?

Sometimes natural disasters occur because of over population, pollution, and other things that affect the earth. Sometimes the Earth cannot keep us with our damaging ways and (MORE)

What can you do to prepare for a natural disaster?

There are various ways for preparing for a disaster. 1. follow safe construction practices and strengthen existing buildings 2. Always keep a supply of food and water availab (MORE)

How can a natural disaster be avoided?

A natural disaster cannot be avoided per se. After all, who can control the Earth and its movements? However, the damage they cause can be severely reduced by taking certain p (MORE)

Is hail a natural disaster?

Not usually. In most cases hail is harmless. However, a major  hailstorm that produces very large hail can be very damaging.
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What is a natural disaster?

It is a disaster that wasn't caused by mankind. It is a disaster  caused naturally, like a major hurricane, a tsunami, an earthquake,  a volcano eruption, a flood etc.   (MORE)

Why does Australia not have many natural disasters?

Australia has a great many natural disasters, and the most common  one, bushfires, have been known to kill hundreds of people.  Cyclones have, in the past, been responsible (MORE)