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Why does Japan have a lot of natural disasters?

The only natural disasters Japan really has are earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions. This is because Japan is located directly on the Ring of Fire. Japan is just a (MORE)

What is a natural disaster?

It is a disaster that wasn't caused by mankind. It is a disaster  caused naturally, like a major hurricane, a tsunami, an earthquake,  a volcano eruption, a flood etc.   (MORE)

What are natural disasters caused by earthquakes?

Earthquakes can create tsunamis, seiches, and mass land movement. This land movement can create landslides or liquifaction of local soils, and/or disrupt utilities and transpo (MORE)

What kind of natural disasters does japan have?

Japan endures the same natural disasters as many other sea side locations: typhoonstsunamis Those enjoyed by locations near active seismic zones: earthquakesactive volcanoes (MORE)

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What are the different natural disasters?

There are:    Avalanches  Earthquakes  Volcanic  Eruptions  Floods  Limnic  Eruptions - When gas (Co2) bursts from underneath the  water sometimes causing Tsunami (MORE)
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When is a natural disaster considered to be a natural hazard?

When a natural disaster causes an adverse event that leads to the  death of people and the destruction of property, then it is  referred to as a natural hazard. The adverse (MORE)

What natural disasters are typical in the Caribbean?

In the Caribbean, earthquakes are something but the big worry, HURRICANES, also called cyclopes. HURRICANES are feared, but if you are well prepared, they aren't nearly as bad (MORE)