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What is a penny?

A penny is a British coin worth 1/100 of a pound sterling,  about 1.5 U.S. cents as of 05/2016.    Because of historic ties to England, the lowest-denomination coin  (MORE)

Who is on the penny?

US: Abraham Lincoln.   Britain or former Britain colonies: Queen Elizabeth II     Abraham Lincoln...
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What is thought tracking?

Thought tracking is a when, in a still image one person steps forward and says what they are thinking. For example, in King Ubu if you have a still image of Pa Ubu poisoning t (MORE)

Why do you have pennies?

If the word "you" refers to the US, there are a couple of reasons.    One is tradition, because the US has historically been very  resistant to changing its coinage sy (MORE)
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Can you suppress your thoughts?

This is really a very easy problem to solve and I am about to show you how to suppress any bad thought: the technique is quite ancient yet still relevant... There is a saying (MORE)
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What is a thought-grenade?

A thought-grenade is an action or question that is supposed to sidetrack the person from what they're doing or going to do. They usually take time to react to.