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Is pocket full of sunshine about marijuana?

No, actually a pocket full of sunshine represents a life full of happiness and how you just have to let go of things and just get away sometimes to just enjoy life. The pocket (MORE)

What is a pocket full of posies?

Posies are flowers  "Pocket full of posies" is a line form a nursery rhyme.  Lepers (those who had contracted leprosy and perhaps other sick people) during the middle ages i (MORE)

What is rock and rye?

Rock and Rye is an infusion of citrus fruits and sweetened rye whiskey. Probably started out in saloons and taverns where some of the cut fruits at the end of the day were thr (MORE)

Where can you download pocket tanks full version for free?

It can be searched and downloaded easily absolutely free at No registeration!! No money!! All weapons included Now Details: File format: .rarsize : 20.3 (MORE)

How big is full grown pocket beagle?

  A pocket beagle can grow to about 8-9 inches compared to the standard beagle which grows to about 13-16 inches.... i hope this helps
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What is the meaning of the song Pocket Full of Sunshine by Natasha Beddingfield?

Ahem* When someone places their wedding ring within their pocket, it is often commonly referred to as a "Pocket Full of Sunshine"... That combined with a Secret Place (A Sweet (MORE)

What rhymes with rye?

shy, sty, bye, cry, die, dye, dry, fry, fly, guy, hi, high, my, nigh, pry, ply, sly, tie, try, thy lie, cry, die, dye, my, sigh, why, rye, tie, by, buy, die, dye, eye, fry, gu (MORE)
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Where is rye grown?

Rye is grown wild in central and eastern Turkey and also is grown in Northern, Central and Northern Europe
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What is wheat and rye?

Wheat and rye are like brothers in the wheat family. Although rye  is more organic and is the most healthiest grain you will eat. Even  though you might see whole wheat in b (MORE)