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What is the poor mans meat?

The "Poor Man's Meat", as it turns out…isn't meat at all. The "Poor Man's Meat" is basically dry beans I don't know who first called dry beans the poor man's meat, but today (MORE)

Did Mozart die a rich man or a poor man?

Likely, poor. Mozart made large sums of money from the proceeds from his concerts (between 1782-1785) which he performed alone and several with Joseph Hayden. Mozart and his f (MORE)

What does a rich man has poor man wants and if you dont have you will die?

This riddle is asked backwards. It should read, "What does a rich man want, a poor man has, and if you eat it you will die?" The answer to that riddle is nothing. A rich per (MORE)

Is spider man a fairy tale character?

No, Spider Man is a fantasy character. Fairy and folktales originally were told, but not written down until much later. Spider Man was created by a specific writer therefore h (MORE)

What does the term a poor mans Wendy mean?

  In the movie "The Wedding Planner", Mary referred to herself as a "poor man's Wendy" because she considered herself second best to her ex-fiance's wife, "Wendy".
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What is the definition of poor man?

Definitions of poverty vary according to time and place. A poor man in the United States would generally not be considered poor in third world countries or in the past. Povert (MORE)