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What is the best spanish-english dictionary?

There are many choices. What is "best" really depends on what you want out of it. There are some that are heavy in illustrations. Some are very inclusive, but may be confusing (MORE)

How did the dictionary influence the English language?

The 'invention' of the dictionary has had two main influences:    1.   The Dictionary has standardized spellings. Before dictionaries,  some people kept lists of w (MORE)

How many words are in the English dictionary?

Answer:  The Oxford English Dictionary was the largest dictionary in the world. It is composed of 20 volumes (weighing a combined 138 pounds). It contains 500,000 words  It (MORE)

What is English literature?

English Literature means the writings of the English-speaking peoples. A few examples of English writers of the past are Edgar Allen Poe, Robert Burns, James Joyce, Joseph C (MORE)

What is the lonest word in the English dictionary?

That would be:   superkalafradgilisticexpialidoshis    That word means crazy or funny in a weird language.   Another Answer:    antidisestablishment (MORE)

Short background of Philippine literature?

The Philippine Islands became a Spanish colony during the 16th century. They were ceded to the United States in 1898 following the Spanish-American War. In 1935 the Philippin (MORE)

How did the Johnson's dictionary impact British literature?

  For a start, we all began to know what each other was writing about: people in Glasgow could now understand what people in Manchester, for example, were takking about, u (MORE)