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What breed is tramp?

He is a mongrel. The breeds in him are unknown. Despite what people say, Tramp is NOT a schnauzer or part schnauzer. Disney based him on the Irish Terrier (although he is gray (MORE)

Is Tramp from Lady and the Tramp a Schnauzer?

Yes , a Standard Schnauzer but groomed. He's gray and white ,small tail , and he's scruffy. He has only been called a mutt for the movie because in the real story, he was a bl (MORE)

What is tramping ship?

These vessels, known as Trampers, Tramp Steamers or Tramp Freighters have no fixed schedule or published port of call, they are engaged in irregular trade as and when cargos a (MORE)

What is a tramp-stamp?

A tramp stamp is a badly put up slang for a lower back tattoo....Here in Alabama we refer to them as Southern Alabama License Plates...Which while not as derogatory, it shore (MORE)

What is a tramp and why do they smell?

 A tramp (use to be called 'hobos') are generally men that ride the rails (trains) or travel by foot hitch hiking. This was a familiar sight during the Depression or what wa (MORE)

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