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What does a tramp stamp signify?

Well, the nickname that is has made for itself is unfortunate, but it did become the standard issued tattoo of any woman who was anybody a few years back. They've fallen out o (MORE)

What is the name of the puppy in Lady and the Tramp?

The three female puppies that look like Lady are named Anette, Colette, and Danielle. The one male puppy that resembles Tramp is named Scamp.
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What is tramp air in combustion?

Tramp air is any air that enters (infiltrates) the furnace through leaks. This air may be measured by the O2 analyzer and often contributes to the burning of the fuel. See t (MORE)

What year does Lady and the Tramp take place?

it takes place in the late edwardian era if you look at the houses carefully along with the clothing. And not in Paris because they celebrate independence day in scamps advent (MORE)
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How many puppies does lady and the tramp have?

Lady and the tramp had 4 puppies they had 3 girl and 1 boy the 3 girl all look like lady and the boy looks like tramp this was showen at the end of lady and the tramp 1 and (MORE)