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Where is the black walnut tree grown?

Black walnut trees is pretty high at its length and are mostly  found in North America in Riparian zones, Southern Ontario, South  Dakota, Southern Georgia, southwest side o (MORE)

Do walnuts grow on trees?

Yes, walnuts grow on walnut trees. See the related link below this answer box for more information and pictures.
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Why are walnut trees called walnut trees?

Because they grow walnuts. But the word derives originally from a Lower Latin base nux Gallica, literally meaning "Gaulish nut" because it was introduced to Europe from Gaul (MORE)

What is the name of a walnut tree?

  Walnut trees come in many varieties and are cultivated for timber as well as for their edible nuts.   Commonly, the tree is simply called "walnut", which is a plant f (MORE)

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