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What schools did Aaron Copland attend?

Grove's Dictionary of Music says that he graduated from the Boys' High School, Brooklyn, New York, in 1918. Other than that they don't mention formal schooling.   Almost (MORE)

How did Aaron Copland die?

From Alzheimer's disease and Respiratory Failure.   His remains were cremated and scattered at Tanglewood.
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What influenced Aaron Copland?

Copland's teacher and mentor Nadia Boulanger was his most important influence. In gratitude for the immense support and promotion on his behalf, he stated to her in 1950: "I s (MORE)

Did Aaron Copland have any siblings?

Aaron Copland was the youngest of five children in his family. His mother was a singer and made all her children take music lessons. However, his brother Ralph and sister Laur (MORE)

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