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Why is a hospital theatre called a theatre?

In the past hospital theatres were more like drama theatres. The operation would take place in the centre of a room surrounded by tiered seats and various people (presumably o (MORE)

What theatre is the national theatre?

I am presuming this question refers to the American NATIONAL THEATRE or what was once called Ford's theatre, where President Lincoln was shot. There was, and may still be a Na (MORE)

Which theatres were competing with the globe theatre?

There were a few known theatres around, including the Rose Theatre just down the street from the Globe, and the Hope and Swan, also in Southwark. Quite often companies perform (MORE)

Why is this theatre called restoration theatre?

Restoration Theatre refers to theatre done after the end of the Puritan government in England. Public stage plays had been banned by the Puritan government. With the return to (MORE)

What is holy theatre and deadly theatre?

The holy theatre and deadly theatre are titles of two of the four essays on theatrical performance in Peter Brook's "The Empty Space". The first is the "deadly theatre" that r (MORE)

What theatre was rival to the Globe theatre?

A theater farther up the Thames river called The Rose and another even further west called the Swan were the Globe's main competition south of the river. The main competitors (MORE)

What is the legend of tintern abbey?

A group of young men went to the Abbey to see if they could discover some antiquities but instead of that, they found two human skeletons and decided to celebrate their discov (MORE)

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